Our Products


Almond, Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Cherry, Kiwi, Olive, Pear, Pistachio, and Plum.


Pollen Collection & Sales offers a patented product that, when mixed with the pollen at the time of application, activates the pollen and facilitates pollen tube growth. Ask for details.

Bloom Thinning

Pollen Collection & Sales will thin your crop and return the processed pollen to you for your application. You can also choose to save your pollen for next year and/or PCS will sell your pollen for you. Ask for details.

Beehive Inserts

Pollen Collection & Sales has a complete line of beehive inserts.

The Pollinator

The pollinator is a precision pollen application machine. It mounts easily to your ATV and accurately meters pollen with three controlled settings.

Pollen Collection & Sales works with university researchers, extension services, and nurseries to identify and gather the correct pollen for optimum cross pollination.

Overseas shipments available upon request.

Pollen is our product. We do not dilute or mix pollen with any inert materials. Once pollen has been extracted from the blossoms, we screen it to remove any remaining flower parts. We do not mill our pollen to make it look more homogeneous or "pretty". Upon customer request, we will provide viability and disease free certifications.