Len Francis Pollination Study Video 20%-45% increased yields.

. . ."My boyfriend is an ENT/Allergist and, of course, had to comment on the name 'Pollen Ranch'.  In the Cleveland area when the trees and pollen-producing plants leave their greenish coating on everything, he drags his finger through it and says 'That's not pollen, it's 'gold dust'" . . .

Pollen - You haven't got a crop without it!

Controlled Pollination:

Think of it as Crop Insurance. In the best of worlds, bloom opens on schedule, bees are healthy and active, and temperatures hover around 60 degrees Fahrenheit by day and always above freezing at night.

But it's not always like that.

Successful growers know the weather and bees don't always cooperate. They also understand their options. Controlled pollination is one. Pollen Collection and Sales will help you set a great crop, whether or not nature cooperates. We are dedicated to helping growers take full advantage of their hard work and ingenuity.